The creation of Moodscope

Moodscope was devised by our founder, Jon Cousins, an advertising creative and serial on-line entrepreneur. Jon suffers from depression from time to time and developed Moodscope so that he could manage his mood better.

With nothing else readily available, he found the most established and robust scientific mood measurement test, the PANAS, and with permission of the psychologists who created it and the American Psychological Association, he adapted and simplified the test. It gave him an uncannily accurate measurement tool to which he added the ability to automatically track and share the score on a daily basis. It worked and more and more people wanted to use it. A daily reminder and message followed and Moodscope was born.

The results have been amazing. Independent academic statistical research has proven it to work and our own research has shown that regular users experience an up lift in mood over 90 days.

Jon has now moved on and continues to seek alternative ways to assist people to achieve improved mental health. You can follow his developments at

The future of Moodscope

The remaining Moodscope team is determined to continue Jon’s work and is committed to the continual improvement of the Moodscope offering and to help people positively manage their mood.

Since the start, the whole team has worked for free. They have personally provided the funds to buy-in necessary outside services. Over 60,000 people have used Moodscope and 36,000 take the daily message. We receive many expressions of appreciation including praise and comment from psychiatrists, all of which we value enormously. However, if we are to maintain and develop Moodscope we will need further support on a continuing basis.

Moodscope Lite is completely free of charge to use, but if you would like to assist us in our endeavor, please subscribe to the Moodscope Plus service for a small monthly fee. It gives you many extra features and you will be helping us to continue to provide Moodscope Lite free of charge to many people who cannot afford it.

You can upgrade to Moodscope Plus once you have registered, free of charge.

Photo: Jon Enoch