Take control, positively manage your mood

With Moodscope it is possible to improve your mood over time and to feel more in control. Why not try it for yourself now with a free 21 day trial!

Moodscope gives you 2 powerful means to tackle your mood

A scientific mood test to give you an impartial record of your mood with a daily score, instant feedback and online ‘diary’. With regular tracking you become more aware of what drives your mood up and down, prompting you to make changes that improve your mood. There's the option to nominate buddies to see your score automatically and provide support.

Membership of an online community of people all trying to positively manage their mood by sharing their experiences, insights and ideas, and supporting one another.

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Scientifically proven to help your mood

The quick and easy daily test is adapted from the proven scientific PANAS (Positive and Negative Affect Schedule) test developed in the US in the 1980s. It involves flipping and turning mood cards until they reflect how you feel. The score is plotted on a graph where you can add a comment to your score each day. A reminder to take the test, written by members sharing their experiences, is emailed daily. There is also an empathetic community where Moodscope members inform and support each other by sharing experiences and insights.

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Track your mood on any device

Invented by a creative patient determined to solve his own depression, Moodscope is unique in that it enables you to accurately measure and record daily mood scores, that are automatically tracked on a graph and – with their agreement – emailed to one or more other people who have agreed to act as buddies.

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Access to a unique, supportive community

The reason Moodscope works is that when people are more aware of their mood and can see how it changes day-by-day, they become more sensitised to what drives it. Consciously and unconsciously they adjust their behaviour so that their mood score improves over time. Independently verified research on frequent users shows a 36% uplift in mood over 90 days.

People who do not do the test regularly still seem to get support from the daily email and knowing they can take a test whenever they need to. Many seem to get solace from having access to an honest, sharing community.

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What our members think

Moodscope has been an integral part of my recovery process from moderate to severe depression back to good health.

A Moodscope member.

Moodscope is like having one's own personal counsellor.

A Moodscope member.

It is an invaluable tool both for measuring mood and for support from others. I find the daily blogs inspirational.

A Moodscope member.