How Moodscope started

Moodscope was devised by our founder, Jon Cousins, an advertising creative and serial online entrepreneur. Jon suffers from depression from time to time, and developed Moodscope to manage his mood better. With nothing else readily available, he found the most established and robust scientific mood measurement test, the PANAS. Wiith the permission of the psychologists who created it and the American Psychological Association, he adapted and simplified the test.

It gave him an uncannily accurate measurement tool to which he added the ability to automatically track and share the score daily. It worked and more and more people wanted to use it. A daily reminder and message followed and Moodscope was born.

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A better mood in 90 days

The results have been amazing. Independent academic statistical research has proven Moodscope to work and our own research has shown that regular users experience a 36% uplift in mood over 90 days.

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The future of Moodscope

The remaining Moodscope team is determined to continue Jon’s work and is committed to the continual improvement of the Moodscope offering - helping people positively manage their mood. Since the start, the whole team has worked for free. They have personally provided the funds to buy-in necessary outside services. Over 60,000 people have used Moodscope and 17,000 take the daily message. We receive many expressions of appreciation including praise and comment from psychiatrists, all of which we value enormously. 

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The team

Moodscope team member image - Adrian Hosford

Adrian Hosford

After a career in advertising and 25 years with BT, Adrian Hosford now works on a portfolio of unpaid social projects, one of which is Moodscope. His overall objective for his portfolio is to try to improve the quality of human communications.

He worked as Chair and NED in several parts of the NHS and for the charities ICAN & the Communication Trust. He is currently an Associate Professor of CSR at Nottingham University Business School. He is also a Director of Evolve1st, an Advisor to 'Talk for Health' and a NED with Social & Local, the first not-for-profit Advertising Agency.

Between 1985 and 2010 Adrian was Director of BT responsible for the advertising and marketing communications creating campaigns such as "It's good to talk". Latterly he lead BT’s efforts at Corporate Social Responsibility building BT's reputation as a world leader in CSR.

Adrian is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and from the Advanced Management Programme at the Harvard Business School.

He is married with three grown children and lives in a converted barn in the Weald of Kent.


Moodscope team member image - Caroline Ashcroft

Caroline Ashcroft

Since 1988 Caroline Ashcroft has been a board director of the serial online businesses started by her and Jon Cousins – including, and – with overall responsibility for operations, sales and finance.

Earlier in her career she was Advertising Services Manager at BT. She went on to work as an Account Director in advertising and digital marketing agencies with responsibility for clients such as Canon and the Football Association.

Caroline is married with two sons and lives in a Cambridgeshire village.