A Change of Heart

23 Jun 2024

What follows is manthink.

The spell checker doesn’t recognise the term so we made it up for this blog, OK?

It’s Thursday. After a known 3 weeks of my heart racing at 143bpm (who knows how long it had been doing this for?) I guess I had better send a non-urgent note to the Dr. I calmly inform them I’m going away to Wales, returning Monday.

I get a call from the Receptionist. Looks like she tried on Sunday too.

Come and see us for an ECG - urgently! – Tuesday? – good.

I have the ECG with a planned chat with the Dr after the results are in. The nurse is surprised. The Dr rings the hospital. The hospital demand that I be blue-lighted by ambulance to Admissions immediately. Ah, hello hospital, my old friend…

Seems I could have had heart-failure at any moment. There’s still time. My heart rate is still 143 bpm as I write this – nothing touches it for long because it’s an electrical fault.

If I get through this, I need a new life, vocation, location – this one is literally killing me.  Maybe it is finally time to return to my original love of Botany and add some Geodesic Design for additional flair. I fancy making Geodesic Terrariums for three applications – 1) empty for customers to fill with their own choice of plants and features, 2) complete for customers simply to buy and enjoy, or 3) empty for customers to join me on a Terrarium-making workshop for mental wellbeing… coming to a Garden Centre near you.

All this masks a much bigger vision: to bring Biophilic Botanical Bliss into your home and living environment. Plants are good for the heart!

Here are some ideas to bring more Natural ‘Life’ into your life, naturally.

1)   Add more light… by adding an additional mirror – reflecting, directing, and amplifying your natural resources

2)   Propagate Succulents, Snake plants, Pothos – all of which are low maintenance – and if you grow them on yourself, you’ll feel even more connected to Nature

3)   Go elemental – more wood, more stone, more soil, more water – especially a water feature where you can hear ‘living’ water

4)   Colour-Me-Natural – choose paints that mimic Nature’s greens, blues, browns, and, dare I say it (?), beiges

5)   Soften the sharp edges – add curves to your furniture – model organic shapes

6)   Blend the transition from ‘inside’ to ‘outside’ with window boxes, patio pots, living walls

7)   Stop and smell the roses… or at least ‘Press Pause’ and be ‘Present’ for a while.  

If you do this, I promise you a change of heart.


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