A Gift for You This Christmas

19 Dec 2022

You may never have seen yourself as the life and soul of the party. That epithet is reserved too often for the stereotypically noisy extrovert – so popular with fabulous sitcom writers - that grabs focus from everyone they meet! If you are like me, you could be fiercely introverted! Let’s open your gift and discover more.

Whether you are more introverted or extroverted, that’s your gift!

Whether you process what’s happening in a more intuitive way, or observant – using your senses, that’s your gift!

How you make decisions and deal with those pesky emotions – on a scale from detached logic (Mr Spock) through to deep empathy (non-biased description here) is also your gift!

And how about your organisational skills?  Are you more comfortable with structure, predictability, and planning? Or does that cramp your options? Wherever you are, whoever you are, that’s your gift!

How about your comfort and confidence with who you are? Are you assertively confident in your own skin? Or perhaps you’re more turbulent and unsure of yourself – constantly trying to improve?

Why are we bringing this up again – after all many of us have blogged on this in the past? We’re bringing it into focus again because often you can’t bring it into focus without external help. Your gifts and your talents and your unique personal strengths are as plain, “as the nose on your face.”  Obvious to others, but they can see your nose. You, on the other hand, see your nose from behind! I’ve just tried it and gone cross-eyed like those unfortunate cinema shots where the eyes of the lovers are captured as they are about to kiss!

If you can gift yourself 20 minutes, go to 16personalities.com, sign up for a free account, and take the free look in the mirror! Then you’ll be able to see plainly and clearly that beautiful nose on your face. Remember to share your results!

If you don’t fancy that yet – know that your friends are your mirror. You could ask them what they think your strengths are. That would be bold and daring wouldn’t it?

Ready for the punchline? I realised this morning that you ARE the life and SOUL of the party – because your soul is defined only by one person – you – and you are totally unique. That’s something to be proud of. Thus, you can be the best gift to those around you this holiday season by simply being the fullest version of you you can imagine!


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