A list of goodly things.

15 May 2015

It's never a bad idea to record the things that help us through the dips, is it? Here is what is working for me at the moment.

Speaking in Tongues.

Whilst endeavoring to read or learn a new phrase in Spanish, and then repeating it out loud, I can't possibly at the same time pay heed to the 'monsters of the mind'.

She Shall Have Music Wherever She Goes.

As much as I don't particularly like being inaccessible to fellow humans when I'm out and about, if music helps a kinder tune enter my head - as opposed to the chaotic chorus of self-flagellating thoughts - then I'm not going to be snobbish about it. I'll have music wherever I go.

Obeying the Gut.

My digestive system, like my mind, is rather more fragile than I like to accept. Steering clear of processed fare, cutting back on, or giving up, sugar, gluten, dairy and meat, and eating more fresh produce never fails to aid my mental well-being.

On The Radio.

Helpmechill.com is an online radio station that plays only ethereal music. It envelopes my home with calming, chilled sounds. It can trick me into believing that I too am calm.

And then there is Radio 4's Just A Minute. The object of the game is for panellists to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject, "without hesitation, deviation or repetition". The comedy and banter that ensues always manages to reel me in and get me tittering.

IKEA's Expedit 5x5 Book Shelves.

Oh this is worthy of a post all of its own. Coming soon!

What The Eye Can See The Hand Will Draw.

Whilst drawing, the eye is so intently focused on its subject that, once again, the mind is forced to pipe down and be quiet.

In Suspense.

A suspenseful (non disturbing) film is about the only form of TV that can pull me in enough to give my mind a welcome rest for a couple of hours. Mind you, I must admit, gazing at that yummy Mr Poldark each Sunday evening does me no harm either!

Walk it Off.

Going for a walk, preferably some place pleasant, always my aids my troubled head.

These are a few of my (current) favourite things. What's helping you right now?


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