A question of balance.

2 May 2016

A few weeks ago while I was going on my daily walk in the bush, I tripped on a rock and fell on the dirt, scraping my hand, knee and leg. After I had cleaned my wounds, I thought how little it takes to make one lose one's balance. Whether one is walking or in life, maintaining a balance can be tricky.

Most of my life I have tried to maintain my balance but sometimes like when I fell over, I need to look at what caused me to lose my balance. This time, I was not looking where I was going but was looking at my watch. Something very simple that can be remedied easily. Sometimes it can just mean having breakfast, or remembering to have a walk, or even to call a friend. Once these things have been done, I am usually fine. That is easily done.

The hard part is when one finds oneself out of kilter, off balance, but cannot find a simple reason. I go through my check list - enough sleep, enough exercise, eating well, writing each day, but somehow I am still very tired or more irritable or impatient that usual. Sometimes it can be something very small that is enough to upset things. Wouldn't it be simple if it was just a matter of looking out for a little rock or a misplaced twig but in life simple things are sometimes harder to spot.

So can you identify a small stone or twig that may have tripped you recently and caused you to lose your balance?

What did you do to restore your balance. Did it work?


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