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13 Mar 2023

The Jackson Five sing, “A,B,C, as easy as 1,2,3…” and then add, “How to get an ‘A’.”  Do you remember the song?

How can we get an ‘A’ with Moods?

Maybe it’s as straightforward as, “A,B,C, and 1,2,3!”?  It’s certainly easily memorable for us.

The ABC would be:

  • Attitude
  • Behaviour
  • Confession

And the 123 would be as expected:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Go!

I wouldn’t go as far as to claim even ‘Minor Celebrity’ status in Swanage, but I am being watched and listened to. For example, I was late for my Tuesday Breakfast Show last week. I joke (privately) about there being 5 listeners, but if that is the case, 2 of the 5 said to me, “Where were you?” Maybe there are more people listening than I think…

If you are known in your community. You are being watched and listened to, too. If you have a bad attitude one day, people will notice. If you behave badly, people will notice. If you let something awful come out of your mouth, people will notice. You and I have to decide whether that kind of pressure is something we care about.

I think it is worth caring about. I think that kind of responsibility is a massive privilege. And I think it can bring out the very best in us


What is the attitude of mental excellence? It’s certainly a ‘Can Do’ attitude. Let’s save our darkest moment for our therapists, our Moodscope buddies, and, if they are not enough, our closest friends. But when we are ‘on stage’ and in our public’s eye, let’s make an effort.

I was told years ago to, “Fake it until you make it!” I think that’s sound psychological and psychosomatic advice. I can shift my state of mind and my attitude by changing my posture and the way I move. You and I all know that going for a walk when we are ‘stuck’ can ‘clear the air’.


The same is true for Behaviour.  Act ‘as if’ and you may be surprised what happens. Act as if everything always turns out OK in the end, and just maybe you’ll feel better… I know I do.


Again, let’s save the whole truth for our therapists, our friends on Moodscope, our Moodscope buddies, and maybe a few close friends or family members. Everyone else may simply not care that much to want to know the truth… at least the whole truth. So, let’s speak as if life was getting better. That’s what ‘confession’ means – I’m not giving it any religious connotation here, rather an utterance that escapes our lips.

If we set our mind (Attitude) that this is going to be a better day than yesterday, act (Behaviour) as if it is going to be a better day than yesterday (slap on some war paint and good shoes, maybe even glad rags), and say, out loud, “Today, is going to be a better day than yesterday!” wonderful things MIGHT happen.

Then ask yourself, “Am I ready?” And if the answer is, “Yes!” or even, “Maybe!” Declare to yourself, “I, 2, 3, Go!”

Here’s to a marvellous, miraculous Moodscope Monday that’s as easy as ABC, 123…


A Moodscope member

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