AC DC and EC.

5 Feb 2018

If 'AC' is 'Alternating Current' and 'DC' is 'Direct Current' then, for me, 'EC' is going to stand for 'Emotional Current'!

This blog came about because of months of struggle sleeping. I was noticing that my brain's default thinking was almost entirely negative. This makes a lot of sense given the many challenges I'm facing at the moment, and reminded me of how emotions have primacy in the way the brain processes thought. Like electrical currents, emotions flow. After all, thought’s flow, don’t they?

Can we control our thoughts?

Can we direct our dreams?

Can we get a good night's sleep?

If emotions follow thought, the opposite is also true. Our emotions can lead our thoughts. I began experimenting, and with some success! Lying in bed, tormented by seemingly uncontrollable negative ramblings, I switched the emotional current.

Imagine our emotions each have their own current, and that their current then flows in different directions. Linked to each emotion, by association, are all our memories that fit with that state of mind.

Instead of the fears that were haunting me - led by fear itself - I flipped the switch to love. I began asking myself, "What do I love?" and my memory banks yielded up their treasures.

It's early days, but I'm pleased with the first results. Thoughts flow and dreams follow attention, and attention can be placed upon a desirable emotion.

Every emotion has it's own current, and what I'd label as a charge too. There are, however, only two sets of emotions - those with a negative charge, and those with a positive charge. They flow in opposite directions, negative or positive.

Now, when I'm sensing a negative flow, I switch currents.

I change direction.

You can too.

Care to play?


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