17 Jun 2022

Several months ago (9 October 2021 to be precise) I wrote a Post about contentment. At it’s conclusion I wrote my own equation:  Gratitude + Acceptance = Contentment.


Today I want to expand on the meaning of “Acceptance” in the MH sense.


When you have a “bad” mood there are several ways you may react to it:


1.  Dismiss it. Try to ignore.

 2. Resist it. Battle against.

 3. Argue with it. Try to replace with better thoughts.

 4. Submit to it. Let it overwhelm.

 5. Accept it. Acknowledge and manage.


Which one do you normally adopt?


I suggest you could try the ‘Accept’ option. You are probably thinking. “Even if I acknowledge how do I manage?” The simple answer is by using management techniques! There is positive research to support this approach.


The psychologist Stephen Hayes wrote that acceptance is “taking a stance of non judgemental awareness and actively embracing the experience of thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations as they occur.”


How do you cultivate more self awareness? Mindfulness can help particularly using meditation. Through awareness and practice you have opportunity to use acceptance and reap the benefits.


During my research I found an article written by Vincent Price a psychotherapist. “Why is acceptance good for our mental health”. It is published on the ‘my mind’ website. If you are interested in learning more this may be a good starting point.


The acceptance concept might not be for you right now. However if you have tried the other four approaches I have listed it may be worth a try.


I have recently adapted this philosophy and I am beginning to think it may help.


I hope you find this Post acceptable! 


A Moodscope member.

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