2 Jul 2021

Why am I writing about appreciation? Because it is important and I want to raise its awareness so that it could improve your life. It has a few different meanings but for the purpose of this post I am using “recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.” I have divided this post between the two appreciations - “someone” and “something”.

It is easy to appreciate what someone has done or said but we often overlook it and an opportunity is missed. The easiest appreciation is the simple “Thank you”. But is so much better if we let the person know why we appreciate their action. If we tell them how it made us feel it will make them feel better by raising their self esteem. I am always looking for ways of appreciating people by paying them compliments. Some people can be suspicious of receiving compliments. They may consider the appreciation is not genuine or there is an ulterior motive in making it. I would advocate perseverance as it can improve relationships.

Appreciation of “something” is very subjective. It can involve any of our senses but we need to ensure they are fully functioning! If we care for something we are showing our appreciation of its worth to us. For example a pet animal or a garden plant. I have been trying to positively identify more things I can appreciate. It is a useful exercise particularly when going on walks. Sometimes I stop walking and closely look or listen. A duck paddling in the calm waters of the canal, a trilling bird, a colourful or scented plant, the sound of rippling water in the stream. The right kind of music is something I appreciate and it can change my mood. I enjoy upbeat or slow romantic music particularly from the sixties era. Half an hour in my disco (actually YouTube on the office desktop!) can really change the way I am feeling.

If we are fortunate, appreciation of both somebody and something can occur simultaneously. It happened to me yesterday morning. When I got up I was feeling a bit sluggish and anxious but I knew I had to summon enough energy to get outside for my early morning walk. I took the turning along the canal towpath where you can see the gardens of the homes whose boundaries are close to the canal. After a few minutes I stopped at a garden with beautiful roses. I was admiring their colour, form and scent when the lady of the house appeared (in her dressing gown!) . We spoke for around 5 minutes and I told her how much I loved the roses. I was very happy to see and discuss one of my favourite plant specimens; it gave me a warm feeling inside and certainly brightened my day. She also seemed pleased with our meeting and chat.

Would you like to try some appreciation therapy?

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