Are you recovered yet?

14 Aug 2020

I am not sure about you but the four most annoying words that any one can ask me now are the following - are you recovered yet?

I know people are being friendly and caring but I think there are some things that one never recovers from. I think we learn to live with things and maybe we learn to cope.

I feel you do not recover from depression; you may have periods of respite and this is just my opinion. I once had a cousin ask if I had outgrown bipolar? I know these words come from a good place.


Maybe some of you reading this, may think I am overly sensitive, and they feel they have recovered from a traumatic event or from a mental illness and like people to ask them about their recovery.

I am interested in a discussion about this and maybe I am being pedantic. I suppose it depends what we mean by recovery.

I maybe a bit sensitive because I am trying to adjust to my new life, and I do find this hard and I do live in the past and I do imagine what if the bushfires had not affected me so much. Is that healthy or is that part of the recovery.?

I think I wrote a blog a long time ago about what recovery means to me and how I think it is more the journey that never ends. I am not sure if others feel like I do or am I lost. To an outsider I am recovering, I am volunteering in real life and online.

I write blogs, I  contact  people, I do shop etc. I am lucky to have a house and I look recovered whatever that means. However, I have niggling doubts, bad day, fragile days and wonder what happened to my life.

I really want people to let me know how they feel about the title question and how they see recovery.

I do not want the comments to be all about me. I am ok. I am simply curious what others have experienced.


So are you recovered yet and why?


A Moodscope member.

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