Are You, Too, Too Busy?

15 Aug 2021

The junction at Morden Park Corner, on the A35, near Poole, is dangerous. There have been so many accidents there that there is now a robot sign that broadcasts common sense in brightly lit LEDs: “Slow Down!”

I know the junction well, and always approach it with caution – nevertheless, it lights up for me too. The Universe is speaking.

There are dangerous junctions ahead of us and choices to be made concerning the directions we will take going forward – on both an individual and planetary scale. While responding to the uplifting comments added to last week’s blog, the message came through on Facebook Messenger: “Did you know, Ron is dead?” I’m beginning to recognise grief. It begins as a literal pain in the chest for me. Ron was a new friend and the future held much for us as we both love to teach study skills and were keen to work together. Ron was way ahead of me and had just won an award for his breakthrough work in Speed Reading. He has helped multitudes of dyslexic students ace their studies through a masterful blend of study skills, mindset training, and speed reading.

I think all life has value – whether it is demonstratively productive or not – so I’m not going to expand on Ron’s value to humanity save to say that he has made the world a better place. What really shocks me is the death of a spark. He was insightful and witty, clever and charming, generous and gentle. Stop the clocks. Turn back time. His techniques can probably be taught by others but nothing can replace that unique spark.

Here’s the icky bit. Ron was a very good talker. None of our conversations were brief. I’d often not pick up the phone when he called because I knew I’d ‘lose’ and hour. Now I’ve lost way more than an hour – I’ve lost a kindred spirit. None of the hours I spent with Ron were wasted. He would educate me as well as entertain. So what was the problem? I was simply too busy. Too busy for fun. Too busy for friendship. Too distracted by other stuff.

The sign will speak to me every day I go to work in Swanage: “Slow Down!” But now, I’ll think of Ron. Please slow down. Please don’t be too busy to share the gift of time with any other soul that sparks your fire. I’m not talking about the energy vampires – you can limit your exposure to them. Ron was a “Raditator” not a “Drain” and every second with him was time well spent.

Let’s slow down and connect with sparkly people – who knows how long they’ll be in our lives?


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