Back to school

3 Sep 2022

I used to volunteer with a student who was described to me as being a little bit rude, and I was told that I could keep him in line by telling him he wasn’t allowed to be rude to me.  

From day one, I found him a joy to work with. He had so much to say and, once I worked out his key, he was like a puppy - energetic, impatient and enthusiastic. I miss working with him and hope eventually I hear what he ended up doing in life.

I wonder what my key is. I recognised his so quickly (and it was only for one aspect of his life - school) but I can’t read my own for love nor money. Do you think if we each discover our key, the things that align to allow us a flow state, that we will thrive rather than just exist? Do we each have a key just waiting to be found?

I’m sitting on the back bench, the dregs of late-summer sun reaching my face and I’m sure this has to be part of my key. It’s certainly a very contented moment.  

Love from

The room above the garage 

A Moodscope member.

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