31 Jul 2021

When my children were little, bathtime was my favourite part. Washing off the day and helping them wriggle into freshly laundered pyjamas.  As I cleaned a bath this week, I was imagining soaking in it with bubbles or salts, allowing all my worries to flood into the water, and then into the pipes as the plug was pulled. Magic! I suspect we could all benefit from that. So, why not? Imagine I’ve just poured you a virtual bath and you get to say whatever it is that you are carrying, that you don’t want to face, or say out loud to another human. 


No big confessions are needed, no daily grump, but something you’ve had trouble admitting, something you are holding onto, something that might lose its sting a little or start your journey in a new direction.  Let’s exorcise some ghosts. And once its typed, you get to pull the plug and lessen it slightly. You can be anonymous if you wish. 


Here’s mine - I worry I’ll always feel inadequate, and I worry I’ll never feel free. I’m locked-in to several things (including my brother’s business) with my ex-partner. He holds most of the cards and I feel reasonably powerless in the set-up. I need to tread the line carefully to keep life manageable. And it makes me wonder if I’ll ever feel free. I can’t walk away from our relationship and wipe clean the slate. It’s been this way for a long, long time.  Will I always live in this half-life, in-between something and nothing? Will I ever feel differently? There. It’s said. I don’t need it fixed, I just thought I’d say it. 


Your turn. Say whatever it is that you need to say. We don’t need to speak of it again, but it might help it drain away or at least melt it into parts! 


Ease into the bath. 


Love from

The bathroom, near the room above the garage 

A Moodscope member.

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