Batteries Not Included

2 Dec 2019

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Have you ever bought the wrong batteries? You opened up the battery casing only to find you needed AAA batteries and not the AA batteries you purchased? "Batteries Not Included," was a common warning on packaging in the 1980s when I was buying toys!

Life's a bit like that.

We all have the potential to be Energiser Bunnies (albeit, some of us in the mildly excited manner of the British!) Yet, for most, if not all of us, there comes a time when it feels like our batteries are either flat, or, worse, someone's knocked them out of us entirely.

My recent bereavement has left me bereft of both feelings and energy – "fog and fatigue," as someone accurately described it. My batteries have dropped out. Since I still need to function, I got to thinking about what would charge, recharge, or even replace my batteries.

In the good times, I know what energises me. For that reason, I'm going to invite you to play a word-game with me.

In your own happiest of days, which of these words or phrases appeals to you most? Choose up to six of the words (or add your own in the comments...)

Security, Influence, Innovation, Stability, Belonging, Prosperity, Freedom, Friendship, Mastery, Meaning, Recognition, Relationships (fulfilling ones), Significance, Expertise, Creativity, Self-Determination, Social-Esteem, Stability, Control, Respect, Stability?

According to motivational expert, James Sale, there are three main zones in which we can enjoy being motivated – three general types of batteries: Relationships, Achievement, and Growth. Unlike the toys that needed batteries, you can mix up these three types! For example, you may be primarily energised by fulfilling relationships and yet have a dash of satisfaction from knowing that you know your 'stuff' – an expert in your field. Or, you may be more interested in making money – money that brings you security and stability... and that security brings you freedom.

The big mistake, of course, is trying to ram your batteries into someone else's battery compartment! Don't do that! It doesn't work! Not even for husbands and wives!

Creativity and doing something I believe is worthwhile are the twin poles of my batteries – I need both. Most relationships I find exhausting and I don't give money any positive attention (although I notice when it's lacking – a sure sign that it is not a motivating factor for me.) To survive the current dip in power, I'm composing music and photographing beauty – both in Nature and in Interior Design. But this message is not about me... I'd rather hear about what would energise you today...

You may even be able to simplify this down to one of the three main headings: Relationships, or Achievement, or Growth.

[And if you're in the pits at the moment, I know that nothing would energise you. In those circumstances, jump in your time machine and let us know what used to energise you in your happy days.]


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