“Because I am”

10 Jun 2021

I recently asked a 3-year-old why she was doing something. She looked at me and smiled saying “because I am.”

I thought how children can answer a question so simply yet with so much meaning. When I am asked a why question I go through so many thoughts before offering a wordy reply that does not answer the question at all.


The words “because I am“, does it say it all or is it avoiding the question. I feel it sounds confident and there is no need to explain because I am.

How do you answer questions that you may find hard to answer?

They maybe be about your mood, why are you sad, about your motivation why are you so tired or maybe about what you are doing, ie. why do you watch a lot of television?

There are many other questions one is asked daily about why one feels a certain way or why one behaves a certain way. I am not saying how to answer questions, but I like the confidence of a 3-year-old to simply say “because I am.”

I overthink everything and when people ask me something they get frustrated as I ramble on and never answer the question but end up telling stories and a brief personal history.


How do you answer questions that you find difficult to explain or you are tired of people asking? What do you think of the answer “because I am”? Would it work for adults.?


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