Becoming a "BUT" Watcher.

22 Apr 2016

Susan Scott in her book, "Fierce Conversations" suggests that "Our work, our relationships, our lives, succeed or fail gradually, then suddenly, one conversation at a time".

This is a conversation that by definition we need to have with ourselves first, before we take it to the world.

The inner critic may be holding us back from having a real conversation that builds a good, compassionate, mindful, kindly relationship with ourselves. Fear is what constrains us for the most part from taking this conversation to the world.

Language is the only thing we humans have to create our own reality. John. B. Keane, a famous Irish playwright once said that "Words have personalities". So often one word can at best limit and at worst completely close down possibilities and lock us in. "I know I should BUT...", "I know it makes sense BUT..." and so on. The current story goes "You're right BUT..."

Today, just try a little experiment. Today, become a "BUT" watcher. Notice how your "BUT" might be getting in the way, and holding you back from exploring the unique richness of your own potential, your own life, your own world.

Beginning to develop the skills of conversation could be as simple as replacing that one word with "AND"

The NEW story goes - "I know I should AND...", "I know it makes sense AND...", "You're right AND..." and so on.

The conversation is about the words you choose. You can always change those words and change the conversation, even learn a new conversation. The conversation is also about the relationship you choose with yourself, the world and those in it.

SLOW DOWN today and choose your words carefully and mindfully, because the conversation you choose is the relationship.


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