Blogging Your Way to Growth...

13 Mar 2014

"Every reader finds themself; The writer's work is merely a kind of optical instrument that makes it possible for the reader to discern what, without this blog, they would perhaps never have seen in themself."

If you look at the daily blogs and how people respond to them, which is rewardingly in a mostly positive fashion, we see that what the blogs do for people, is open up a different view – a different feeling or a different emotion.

The beauty of Moodscope and its community is that it offers 'inputs' that strike/move different people in different ways.

One can often see that people's days are altered by simply reading a few hundred words.

One key aspect of this 'shift' is that the person as an individual has 'wanted' to come onto the web site - they 'desire' to explore what is there. This is of course the EQ (emotional quotient - emotion from the Latin 'emotere' meaning 'to move') I have spoken about before.

Unless we are perfect, we all want to change in some way and almost all personal change, comes through a change in self awareness.

A developing of self awareness is the door to the ability to move on, to let go, to take another step, to shift in a way that lifts us up to the next level.

So I wonder which blog enabled you to 'see', or is it feel something different, to become more self aware?

Maybe you can write a blog about what it was that shifted things for you and what made it possible for you to have that 'aha' moment that opened a different door that day or even changed your life?

What thoughts appeared while reading this...?


A Moodscope member.

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