Blue Monday

16 Jan 2023

Blue Monday is a completely modern invention. In fact, we could say it only exists in the minds of those who believe it exists. But the Blues are real – we all know that here at Moodscope.  So, let’s play with the concept since it’s made up as we go along. Today is meant to be the most depressing day of the year! That’s only true for the Northern Hemisphere – our Southern Friends should be fine!

I think it only fair that if we are allowed to have Blue Monday, it should be followed by Indigo Tuesday… then Violet Wednesday, Red Thursday, Orange Friday, Yellow Saturday, and Green Sunday! At least, if we are going to be logical about this.

But what could it all mean?

We all have ‘Blue Mondays’ even if they aren’t on a Monday – those days where we are depressed – and that’s fully OK.  But as surely as Tuesday follows Monday, things will change, circumstances will shift, life will find another way.

Indigo is the colour of perception, intuition, and altered states of consciousness. This means that it would be good to do a deeper session of mindfulness on a Tuesday to balance the rest of the week after the often chaotic start so many of us have on Monday.

Violet or Purple Wednesday makes us think of royalty and the wealth that comes with it. For many it means wisdom – and intellect. It is often seen as a spiritual colour. That would make Wednesday the perfect day to pamper yourself – to treat yourself – to treat yourself like royalty!

Red Thursday is for passion! Red is warm, vibrant, and full of life. It’s the colour of love, excitement, and energy. This is the day for pursuing what we love, what excites us, energises us, refuels our tanks. For me, it’s not going to be romance but rather My Hygge – the warm place where I can listen to good music, after a candlelit bath, then settle down with a good book, alone… hmmm, Hygge!

Orange Friday is also warm, and like its neighbour – yellow – a happy colour. For many, it is a sociable colour making Friday a great day and night for social and entertaining activities. Friday night movie in, or theatre out? Which would you prefer?

Yellow Saturday is the day for laughter, happiness, and good cheer. For some of us that means a pub lunch after a good walk with the dogs. For others it may mean watching some comedy or laughing in the good company of friends. It’s all made up, so make up what would work for you!

Green Sunday is the time for recreation and restoration and renewal. It’s the time to grow and flourish. It is Nature. It is calm and harmonious. What would tick all those boxes for you? Are you Nature Girl or Nature Boy? Who is the Adam to your Eve, the Eve to your Adam?

Which rather nicely brings us back to blue. Blue may be a colour associated with depression, but it is also associated with peace and trustworthiness. If you can find inner peace in the midst of your own storms, and if you can trust that, “This too will pass,” you will find Blue Monday comes and goes without storm damage.

Alternatively, given that you can choose any colour for any day of the week, will it be truly Blue Monday or will you (like Mr Ben) try on another colour today?  If so, which one?”


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