4 Sep 2022

I had a vision.

It was a picture in my mind’s eye but very real, nonetheless. It came to me at a very dark moment, so I was very open to a message from the Universe.

The vision was of three boosters on a Space Shuttle. The thoughts that came with it were very distinct.

Firstly, if the three engines fired with different strengths the journey would be very erratic – even chaotic. What if only one engine worked? Would the shuttle veer off in one direction, or even go round in circles?

I suspect this is nonsense but that’s the thought that came. Confirming via Google that a Space Shuttle really does have three main booster engines was rather encouraging though!

For you, there may be a different message in this mental picture. For me, I knew the Boosters were faith, hope, and love… and that I was out of fuel in my hope Booster. The journey was getting rough and fraught with danger.

How could I refuel rapidly? What fuels ‘hope’?

It’s a question for you, for whatever meaning you assign to the three Boosters. You may choose health, wealth, and well-being instead, for example. In which case, the question becomes what fuels health, what fuels wealth, and what fuels well-being?

Back to faith, hope, and love. I believe faith is fuelled by encouraging words and sights… the kind of stuff that restores your faith in human nature. Love is fuelled by developing empathy – the ability to put yourself in someone else’s situation and then feel compassion for them. But what about ‘hope’?

Hope has to do with the unseen and the future. It is perceiving the unseen future as better in some way that then exercises a positive pull towards that future. As such, it’s a kind of vision or dream of a better future (cf., Martin Luther King’s, “I have a dream.) It is fuelled by what we focus on most of the time – the thoughts we encourage to play through our minds and is compromised by the hopeless thoughts we allow to remain and fester.

Let us interrupt those thoughts that lead to hopelessness. Just as a conversation is hard if people keep interrupting us, so also thoughts are hard to sustain if they are repeatedly interrupted! Interrupt those hopeless thoughts!

And let us imagine realistic ways in which our future can be better. The more time and attention we give to this, the more we are likely to refuel that engine!

Whatever your three engines are, I hope you get your Boosters!


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