Building blocks.

30 Apr 2016

Piles of paper

Piles of socks

"Piles my dear

Are caused by blocks!"

Block the doorway,

Block the desk,

Block the phone and to do list.

Block the freezer,

Block the car,

Block the garden, don't go far.

Block the people,

Block the door,

Block the cupboards and the floor.

Block the noise out

And the stress,

It's safe inside

with all my mess.

That can go,

It's worn out now,

Sentimental, lost somehow.

Hold on to love,

Hold on tight,

Hold on to nothing with all my might.

To comfort me,

My "precious"stuff

Lies all around and with a gust...

It's stuff and nonsense,

Stuffed myself!

Stuff old books from dusty shelf.

Stuff the rubbish

In the bin,

Recycle out and not within.

Just one corner,

Just one shelf,

One small step to help myself.

Make one call,

A little space,

Take my time, it's not a race!

Take a moment,

Take a rest,

Take a breath and do my best.

It's ok to step outside

Once I've started,

Love the ride!

Around the block,

Or to the trees,

Bubbling brook

And air to breathe.

Release my fists.

Release my pen,

Let all flow out and in again.

Relax my grip

on useless things,

That memory,

The pain it brings.

Be more gentle,

be more kind,

Relax clenched teeth.

Release my mind.

Look at just how far I've come,

I'm stronger now,

No need to run,

To hide within the past, old me,

There's hope ahead.

For now

Just be.


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