20 Jan 2017

It was a simple thing really.

A quick glance into a shop window as I was rushing by, something just catching my eye and making me stop.

There was a beautiful display of fine china with delicate buttercups climbing along the plates, cups and mugs on spindly thin green stems until their yellow petals reached the top and held their pretty faces up to the sunlight high overhead.

It reminded me of the field of buttercups that had been behind my childhood home.

Sometimes when I had opened my bedroom curtains and blinked away the sleepiness of the night I would be amazed at the brightness of them, the sunlight seemed to turn the world golden and I used to stand and watch them entranced, swishing gently in the summer breeze.

I loved the buttercups and often picked a small bunch for my mother who used to hold one under my chin to see if I liked butter! It seemed such a funny idea, but I loved it when I looked in the mirror and saw the golden glow on my skin. How we used to laugh together. Then she would tuck one into my hair and say 'off you go Miss Buttercup'.

I stand there in the busy street the reflection of myself in the window smiling with me at the memory. Poor mum had died when I was a child; I still had my wonderful memories of her but missed her so much.

As I turn to go I catch a glimpse of a figure just behind the display pointing to it with the shop assistant, lucky lady I thought she will enjoy using that it's such a happy flower.

I remembered my chores and set off along the high street, so much to do all the time, so many things to get done and time was always against me! I was so busy rushing along I bumped into a small elderly lady almost knocking her and her shopping trolley over!

"I am so very sorry" I gasped but she assured me she was fine, she smiled at me. "I was miles away" I said; "I really hope you are ok?"

"I am" she replied, "but you seem to be in such a rush all the time!"

I watched her go and wondered why she had said that I had never seen her before! She was quite right though, I realised I was always rushing around not seeing anything properly making lists, keeping appointments, life was just so very busy!

I decided to to stop for a coffee and went into the next cafe I came across. I ordered and sat and watched the busy street, a never ending surge of people, traffic and noise. I sipped my coffee and was surprised to notice my cup had the same delicate buttercup pattern on it. How odd!

I looked up and stood there in the window was the elderly lady whom I had almost knocked over! She was smiling at me; I watched her turn to walk past and noticed the box of buttercup china in the top of her trolley I felt a shiver as something fell from my hair onto the table.

It was a beautiful perfect buttercup.


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