Centered Awareness

9 Aug 2021

I love games. I love their simplicity and structure... competitiveness. It gives me motivation. It helps me feel the range of human emotion… the drama, the action. If only life was so simple.

In the evolution of sports/games, game theory undoubtedly has emerged. Finding optimal strategies was once dependent on exploiting your opponent. These days, strategies in every sport/game are optimal regardless of the opponent. The idea is to find an unexploitable strategy.

In the simplified world of sports/games optimal strategies exist. They can be proven. In team games optimal always skews towards aggression. The aggressive monopoly player who always buys is more likely to win. In baseball, swing for the fences.

At the same time, the optimal strategy is balanced. Balanced aggression wins.

In cooperative games though, aggression is most definitely a negative attribute. In a zero sum game, where there has to be a winner and a loser, aggression will reign. Human society, life, the existence we live in -- is not a zero sum game. Alliances and cooperation are highly valuable attributes, but at the same time, aggression is still most rewarded. An optimal life strategy is very complex.

Eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, etc) commonly have the theme of balance/centeredness at their core. The middle way. It is the most difficult path as it is never set.

There are many instances of philosophy/religion and science merging (they did come from the same stone). When discovered truths about our body reveal that beliefs that were centuries old, are in fact, essentially true, it is always mind blowing to me. And here we find that in the end, it's correct that balance is optimal.

If you are out of balance you only need to find/strengthen the opposing part. Balance is an intricate structure that requires maintenance and dedication. 

Utilize your strengths more fully by balancing them. An unbalanced power will topple itself. Use/develop your big muscles and take care of what is fragile.

There's no winning or losing, who can be most present in each moment for the most moments is optimal. The only way to win is to be a perfectly balanced, perfectly centered and absolutely aware person. It is an endless task, and what we should strive for.


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