Cherry Picking

27 Jul 2018

I love the summer.

This will be one of those summers like 1976 that will be reminisced about for decades to come.

Long warm days, reliable and relaxing. Motivating and mood lifting.

The warm heat gently resting on my arms healing and life giving.

I literally blossom in the summer. Some plants flower in the spring. Some in midsummer.

Fruit are in season in this month or that. Me? Perfect June to July!

I saw crates of beautifully ripe cherries for sale last month, they must have been in season. A feeling of the beautiful abundance of their being just right.

Right here and now, as I sit in the warm sun, sharing some rare bliss with you, I feel just right. I can smell fresh mint. Hear flip flops and snipping. Little pairs of white butterflies dancing on the summer breeze. A fluffy white dandelion seed drifting peacefully along. Tips of branches softly bobbing, a bee sipping silently from a sunflower, water trickling in the distance. The tiniest fly I have ever seen settles on my finger...

My skin is glowing, nails healthy and strong, the recent spell of real summertime, offering the perfect conditions for early morning walks, picking back up on a little gentle daily yoga, stretching out those aches. Eating better, hydrating, resting, mindful.

Everything coming together perfectly in a beautiful abundance of gratitude for what is, right now.

So if it's beautifully natural for cherries and sunflowers to flourish when they do, why can't I? No guilt about it. No doubt about it. Just revel in it. Some of us must need these conditions, just as others need others, that's it. Nature.

There isn't always this abundance for sure, but that's when I start cherry picking! ;)


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