Comfort foods and healthy habits.

30 Mar 2017

What foods, smells or sights make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

A year or so ago I embarked on CBT as a prelude to psychotherapy. Although we (the psychotherapist and myself) decided it wasn't necessary to proceed, the CBT included thinking about comforting things that would bring me a soothing sense of peace when troubling thoughts arise.

For me there is something deeply satisfying about making my own carrot and lentil soup. Whether it's the speed of creating something wholesome quickly or the simple routine of chopping onions, peeling carrots and adding a touch of ground cumin and coriander, and on the best days my own chicken stock, this stands for winter meals eaten in the warmth of home. It's something I have been cooking for over twenty years and I find it profoundly comforting. The same can be said for the simple process of making porridge.

Maybe it reminds me of what my Mum made when I was a small child?

Smells and sights can be evocative too - both good and bad. Today I posted a photo on Facebook of a clump of mini daffodils espied on my morning dog walk, a delightful sight for sore eyes after a long winter and some very wet days.

Of course, routines and habits can be negative too. My need for a cup of tea and bite of chocolate at 4pm is not so great for the waistline. Our thinking is also habit forming and sometimes a challenge to break out of.

So my challenge to you is to think of some things which bring you peace and to see if this is a helpful distraction when you are finding life tough.

From my kitchen.


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