4 Apr 2016

I am trying to write a blog. The trouble is I have so many ideas I do not know which one to choose. I start with one then get stuck so start on another and another but then decide they are all going nowhere.

You would think having lots of ideas is wonderful and is so creative. Having ideas without follow up is not helpful. Maybe it is not the having the ideas that is my problem but my short attention span. I also read a few books at once, I can never just read one book cover to cover, but I start one book then skim through another then read the last book one page a day.

My teachers told me I was not good at concentrating, my family have told me I am impatient, but all the time I feel I am creative.

When I was manic, I was told I had what is called flight of ideas - which is a rapid shifting of ideas with only a very loose connection between them. This is expressed as a rambling from subject to subject.

I fear this is my normal mode of thinking just much faster when manic. Friends say it can be hard to keep up with my train of thought as I flit from one subject to the next while they are still pondering the first!

While I like having lots of ideas, I think it would be helpful if I could focus on one idea and not be distracted by other thoughts and knowledge.

I have tried meditation, mindfulness mind mapping but somehow my mind can not or has trouble thinking about, writing about one idea or reading one book at a time.

Do I just accept this as part of who I am or do I try to change.? Can anyone else relate to this?


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