6 Nov 2020

I have been easily distracted all my life. Teachers told my parents in my reports that Leah is easily distracted. Leah has no concentration skills and her ability to focus even for a minute is getting worse. If Leah put as much attention on her studies as she does on daydreaming, she would do well.

I was the child who was always looking out of the window wondering what was happening out there. The schoolwork never really appealed to me so I would race through it so I could think and imagine other things.


Distractions in my life were seen as being something negative. Imagine my surprise when people with anxiety or depression are advised by some to distract themselves, count to ten,

name 5 things they can see, 4 they can hear etc. I find that amazing that some people see distraction as helping people.


All my life it has been a failing of mine. Sometimes distractions are a way for me to procrastinate doing small things or to put off major decisions. They also help me cope with difficult times.


I can see distractions can help me when I am in a low mood and are not motivated.

Are you easily distracted? why?

Do you see distractions as having a good and a bad side or simply good or bad? Why?


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