Do I need it or want it?

25 Aug 2022

When I was a child, my parents often tried to teach me the difference between needing and wanting something.

I was told while I may want that toy, I did not need it and while I may not want to do the washing up, I needed to do it.

This would happen frequently, and I stopped listening when they repeated these words.

As an adult we soon learn we cannot have everything we want or even need at times.

For anyone caring for children, or older people, or someone with special needs, you soon realise that your own needs become second to the human you are looking after. Also, when caring for pets, you may need to put their needs ahead of yours, like taking a dog for a work even though you need to rest.


If we feel we need or want abstract things like love, appreciation, loyalty, praise, or many other qualities, it may be hard to distinguish between needing or wanting.


That’s just a few ideas, I am interested whether you see the difference between needing and wanting? If so, how does it affect how you respond to needing or wanting in yourself and others?


Any comments on the topic would be appreciated, you don’t need to answer the question but only if you want to!!


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