Do you WANT TO... really?

3 Mar 2016

"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs." Vaclav Havel

If I were to ask any of you now – ‘How can you improve your own life?’ I’m sure you could immediately write a number of things down, that are immediately under your control.

Let’s turn those thoughts into written words and align with Havel’s quote that action is the key.

In fact why not do that – take five minutes to write down what you could do for yourself, to improve your health and wellbeing to create a sustainable habit.

This of course could be physical (PQ – to Live), or mental (IQ – to Learn), or emotional (EQ – to Love) or spiritual (SQ – to leave a Legacy) or a mix, see what falls out for you?

I’m hesitant to write examples down as it needs to come from inside you – how YOU feel? Please do it before reading on, unless you are struggling.

If some of you are however ‘lost’ in thought, as I can be on certain days, examples could be simply calling a friend (EQ)/going for a walk (PQ)/practicing mindfulness (SQ)/learning or reading (IQ).

My question would then be 'why don’t you just do it?'

If as Havel states we not only have to ‘see’ the stairs but also ‘climb’ them, and you KNOW these actions will make you feel better about yourself, why are we not doing them already?

You may now be doing what I call DJE (defend, justifying and explaining), even to yourself! why you have not done these actions. Too busy, too wet, too tired et al.

One of the foundational slides I have used for years is the excellent Stephen Covey concept of what creates a habit, which I have added to.

Is there any one of the three foundations (Knowledge, Skill & Desire) more important than the others? The answer eventually will always be ‘desire’, the EQ.

So while we see the ‘steps’ to achieve a better health and wellbeing (what to and why to) and know how to climb them (how to) THE key is the ‘want to’.

Now, looking at your list of things you know will improve you and having the skill to do that – will you do it?

This is why diet books, exercise DVDs and self-help books sell more than anything else – we mostly already know what we need to do – we simply need the motivation. (Hence why over 80% of New Year resolutions fail.) The motivation cannot be ‘out there’, it must be ‘in here’ with ourselves.

What are you going to do now?

There is no easy route to anywhere worth going.


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