28 Nov 2016

Don't think about an elephant.

Nor a neon-pink giraffe.

Do not think about yawning.

Or stifling a laugh!

So did you?

It's virtually impossible for your conscious mind not to do anything.

It cannot not worry about anything it is worrying about.

It cannot not think about anything it's thinking about.

It cannot not focus on anything you command it not to focus on.

In fact, what you resist persists.

And what persists has consequences... that you may not want.

So we need a better way...

If anything has been burned into my consciousness over the last two weeks it has been:

Focus ONLY on what you want.

That was a quick Pulse, wasn't it?

But the truth just needs to be a simplified as it can be...

You get MORE of what you focus on

So focus ONLY on what you want!


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