Energy Follows Focus

Monday September 27, 2021

I love to breathe! Even better is conscious breathing. In the gap between stimulus and reaction there is a space. This space is where we can choose to breath consciously and then respond instead of reacting on autopilot. Conscious breathing gives us that literal ‘pause for thought’ and may be the fastest route to self-mastery. When we learn to, “Mind the Gap,” by focusing on our breathing, the onward journey can become safe and satisfying.

This is especially so when the brain’s auto-reaction of fight, flight, or freeze has been triggered. Pausing to breathe can break the trance and bring us back to purpose-directed choice. When the focus becomes directed, energy follows focus. Breathe – Relax- Respond.

It’s fascinating, given that the brain is such an oxygen-hog, that when we feel under attack, the first thing that goes is breathing. This, I believe, forces a stronger emotional-chemical reaction designed to save us from danger. However, as we mature into more rational and considered versions of ourselves, conscious breathing can take command of where we focus. As we focus on our breathing instead of the perceived threat, the chemical-mist can clear and a way forward can be discerned.

If the brain talked to the brain, it would be as if your Pre-Frontal Cortex was telling your Emotional Brain, “We’ve got this. We can choose calm. We can think clearly.” Rumour has it that heart rate can also slow with steady breathing, and that even our immune response can improve. What’s not to love?

Breathing is a good idea – but conscious breathing is pure genius!

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