Fight to find balance

1 Sep 2018

Well I'll just be honest, I stole that title from my yoga session. She said "lift through the front body, ground through the back body, fight to find balance". It gave me one of those little lightbulb moments and I knew I had to share it with you. You see, I think I have often believed that balance was a given. Something everybody had and something everybody knew. Something that was within fingertip reach and something that just naturally appeared and propelled us into a zen like state if we ate organically, held doors for others and took deep breaths in good proportion to the shallow ones.

Stop the press, it's not true! Balance does indeed need to be fought for. I like yoga for lots of reasons and today this one line gave me something I will keep in the front of my mind to use physically as well as mentally.

'Fight to find balance'. It doesn't say fight to find happiness. Or fight to win. It says fight to find balance. The equilibrium. That is all that I wish. No extremes of any kind. No "best ever". Simply the mid-point.

How do you get it? Where is your mid-point? Can you stop trying so hard for The Thing and find the just ok? I'll get printing t-shirts for all those who are in "I'm just sort of ok". It will confuse everyone else. Maybe this time we get the laugh! Who is in the just ok club? Can you be just ok today? Are you ok?

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