Flaky time.

2 Oct 2015

There's a little edge to the air. Some stunning sunsets. And just the beginning of leaves offering up their fire dance before they submit to winter. Hands up who adores and dreads Autumn? I adore its beauty and I am won over by nature's lesson in how to live healthily... be vibrant Spring to Autumn then go underground. I also dread what is coming next. Winter breaks me year upon year (yes, I do try all the SAD stuff) and, as we cannot go underground, we must find a way through.

How will it be?

Once again I encourage you to look through and beyond and decide in advance how you wish to emerge. I'm arming myself now with tools, physical and mental, so that I can expect the stormiest of days and welcome them. Say hello at the door and show depression how it will be handled whilst being my guest...

Hello depression, you may come with me on my walk but please walk behind me and do not obscure my eyes from seeing. Please loosen your grip at key points in the day, when I'm showering you must wait outside the door and allow me to be private. This will be called my Head Holiday and I will think only of the water: How does it sound? How does it smell? How does it look? How does it taste? (Guaranteed to laugh at yourself trying to taste water in the shower, try it). How does it feel? You may sit beside me on the couch but you may not sit upon me. I need to move or parts of me will die. Be good now depression, be good.

And if you are rude, bad mannered or smelly I will open The Box of Photographs. It contains all manner of images showing happy stuff that you were not invited to. You wouldn't like me to open that box now would you?

Behave depression. Behave. We have a long list of tools in here.

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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