Food, comfort or challenge?

11 Feb 2022

I know eating disorders are complex and can be tragic. I want to have a look at our relationship with food.

People say they have special food that they eat when they need comforting, where as for me all food is comforting.

Other people find eating most food a constant battle and the thought of eating rich food like cake or chocolate to cause anxiety. Food unlike alcohol is needed every day so one can not give it up.

Food is  part of our lives and so many memorable times with loved ones, friends and food sometimes cooked with love.

So why does something as basic as food cause so many different responses and different people?

Does it start when we are babies  or is it something that we inherit from our ancestors , our culture, our families?

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t think of chocolate and cheese. If I don’t eat any I think about eating them, or when I can buy some. If I get through a whole day without eating chocolate but thinking about it all the time; I feel I have achieved something.

I’d like to hear your stories, the comforting, the challenging, the memorable and the surprising relationship you have with food, thinking about it, eating, cooking, worrying and enjoying.

How would you describe your relationship with food? Does your mood affect what you eat and how you eat?


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