From Broken to Beautiful

1 Feb 2021

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Boy, was I a beautiful baby!

Then it all started to go a bit pear-shaped. That phrase itself holds promise. We use it as a description for when things go awry, though the history of how ‘pear-shaped’ came to mean this is not known – or at least disputed. My thought is that, “Hey, pear-shaped seems good to me!”

This is at the heart of a shift in thinking that may help many of us. Yes, I was a beautiful baby, but then Life really did go in directions I neither expected nor wanted. I became broken as my life fractured. Tough. That’s the way Life is for many. The question is, “How will we respond?”

I am once again, thankfully, in love. It’s not with a person, nor a pet, but with three ideas.

The first is Wabi-Sabi – defined by Andrea Jacques as, “The art of appreciating the beauty of the unfinished, imperfect, and impermanent in yourself, your life, and the world.” Her book is a work of exquisitely beautiful thinking.

The second is Kintsugi – which is the art and craft of taking what is broken and repairing it with lacquer infused with gold dust or silver or platinum. That which was broken becomes uniquely beautiful and most definitely one of a kind.

The third is from one of my favourite gifts for my 60th birthday. From Emotional Mastery Author and Mentor, Kim Searle, it is a plaque that says, “’Flawsome’ adj an individual who embraces their flaws and knows they are awesome regardless.” I can imagine I may have been offended by this at an earlier age where the ego was less conditioned by Life but now I think this is the definitive statement of a Life that can be lived well.

My mission is to journey onwards in the spirit of Wabi-Sabi – appreciating flawed beauty – and wherever appropriate, using the talent of kintsugi to turn every crack, fracture, and flaw into a unique work of art and beauty.

Boy, I was a beautiful baby… but then I became broken… but there again, there’s beauty in the broken made whole.

What beauty have you brought forth from brokenness?

What beauty have you seen brought forth from brokenness in others or in objects?


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