From mania to balanced mood

6 Apr 2020

If you have a mental affliction which has a manic element, you may have suffered mania. When mania strikes, it is largely uncontrollable. This is because, by its very nature, mania feels good and you do not want it to stop - so, naturally, you do nothing to stop it!

But mania can be devastating for you and those around you. You feel the world is a great place. You are full of ideas. You spend and waste money you cannot afford, and, you may put yourself in danger.

However, there is a solution. To get to mania, you have to pass through the hypo-manic stage. And, in the hypo-manic stage you are more aware of your actions than in mania. Once you become aware of your actions and behaviours, you can modify these by taking action.

You may find that you are starting to spend irrationally. You may take on more tasks and projects. You may have delusions - feeling you are better than anyone else. Once these key performance indicators raise their head, you need to take action. Action take will take you back to a more balanced mood and frame of mind.

The first thing you need to do is scratch-off any actions on your to do list that are not going to be of immediate benefit to you. The second thing to do is to relax. Use meditation and mindfulness to help you do this. Basically you need to do something that costs you nothing, or very little, that helps you relax. Get enough sleep, eat well, hydrate yourself, and avoid caffeine, alcohol and substances. And, most importantly, take your medication.

You will be surprised how quickly your mood falls back to a balanced phase and these techniques, with practice, will keep you well away from another manic phase.


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