From possible to Impossible to I'm possible.

7 May 2017

Hope dawns with a sense of what is possible.


Then experience and naysayers work their dark arts, and often two simple letters are added to that possibility: I and m:


This is where most people stall and stop.

But there is magic in movement and in punctuation.

Keep the lessons learned from impossibility thinking - it's a phase we all go through - but move your perspective.

"It's just a jump to the left!"

Move your I and m a couple of spaces to the left, and a new kind of possibility emerges.

Add an apostrophe and you'll avert a catastrophe:


Shift Happens!

Shift happens, folks! It happens first between our ears in that marvellous muscle called your brain. And it takes some muscle to move the I and m to the left, and then to pull in that apostrophe that averts the catastrophe.

Here's a muscle building question for you:

"I know what you want is impossible, but if it was possible, how could you make this work for you?"

Now, go!

Work miracles!!

Everything is possible for those who believe!!!


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