Half the World Away

25 May 2019

I've been thinking lately about something my mum often says to me when I'm a bit grumpy or out of sorts – "Come on snap out of it! You can't keep moping about – you need to cheer up!"

I'm sure most of you have heard similar 'advice' when you're feeling a bit down, and if you're anything like me it won't have helped one bit.

But I still find myself sometimes thinking "I wish I could cheer up a bit!" when I'm feeling low.

So what is the answer? For me, if I am simply feeling a bit melancholy for no particular reason (which is sometimes the case) allowing myself to 'wallow' a bit does help me feel better.

One thing in particular I like to do at times like this, is listen to music with sad lyrics. I find it easiest to connect to songs I heard a lot as a child – whether it's those my parents used to play or ones I would put on as a teenager when I was convinced I was the most misunderstood person in the Universe.

Some lyrics just resonate with me, even if they are a bit corny or nonsensical when you truly listen to them. One of my favourites is 'Half the World Away' by Oasis. They're certainly not the greatest band on Earth but that song always makes me feel emotional – probably because it reminds me of my younger years and takes me back to a time when I was discovering what it was to feel 'depressed'.

I've even created a playlist of 'wallowing' music, full of songs with sad messages about life, love and many things in between. If I'm feeling low I like to sit on my own and listen – and I mean really listen – to every note and word, and I find that it helps me come out of my 'bad mood'.

I wonder if any of you have a similar method of coping with your 'dark times' or is there something else you do instead?

Miss Happy

A Moodscope member.

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