Here's to your left eyebrow!

21 Jun 2013

We're not very good at admiring ourselves, are we? Especially not physically. If we faced a question in a survey: "Would you rate yourself as "a) Exceptionally physically attractive, b) Moderately physically attractive or c) Just Plain Ugly?" then I don't think many of us would have the confidence to go for answer a).

In fact, depending upon how we feel on any given day, we might even plump for door c). Yes, plumping for door c might be an appropriate response to the way some of us gain weight as a result of the carbohydrate cravings that is one of the symptoms of depression or one of the side effects of the drugs we take to combat that depression.

Some days it seems like you just can't win.

In my job I see lots of bodies. And you know what? I haven't seen an ugly one yet. We are all far more attractive than we think we are: we just have to believe it ourselves.

But it's a big step. Maybe we should start small.

So I've decided to love my legs. They may not be slim, they may not be long, but they're curvy and look nice in heels. If I bother to put on a skirt and tights (pantyhose to our American friends) and dig out those pretty shoes, then every time I walk past that mirror I can make a point of looking at my legs not my stomach. That way I feel good about myself rather than beating myself up.

Hopefully you have at least one thing about your body you like. So why not pay attention to that bit and feel a bit better about yourself. After all – if, as we're told, most Super-models have negative feelings about bits of their bodies, then surely we can have positive feelings about bits of ours – even if it is only our left eyebrow!

Hey, nice arch to it, you know!

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