Hide and seek

1 Apr 2021

I was watching a nearly three-year-old playing hide and seek. She had so much joy in running to hide and then before I had finished counting would run back to me laughing all the time.

I explained the point was to hide but she had too much fun finding and seeking me by counting to 3 even though she can count higher and finding me before I had a chance to hide.

The way she just had fun being in the moment and not worrying about the game and the rules made me think how I get stuck in doing things the right way instead of being flexible and having fun.

I know children do not have to worry about as many things, but I still wanted her to follow the rules then I realised what does it matter she is having fun, we were having lots of laughter what did it matter.

I wanted to experience the joy of a nearly three old and get close to being in the moment.

Have you discovered something child like like this and being as free and uninhibited as a three-year-old?

Have you have been stomping in puddle or blowing bubbles, you do not have to be with a child, just doing something fun and in the moment.

Do you find it hard to be child like and stop focussing on rules.?


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