How are you coping with life?

25 Jun 2014

Here are a few ways that help me cope:

1) Acceptance! By allowing myself to surrender to the things that I cannot change, or that I cannot change quickely I find that allowing myself to just accept them rather than fighting them in my head, I save myself a lot of frustration. By doing this you also see the situation from a different view point and with all that saved up energy you can be more productive and imaginative in how you change things...although once accepted, I sometimes find that the situation isn't half as bad as I thought anyway. Thoughts sometimes have a habit of making a situation negative.

2) I become my own best friend. I learn to like myself and not beat myself up for every mistake. I offer myself encouraging words when I am feeling a bit low or have taken a bit of a knock. I allow myself time and comfort myself when I have taken a bit of a knock. Rather than getting back on the horse straight away I give myself some recovery time and then words of encouragement to get out there again, this time stronger and more determined. I no longer wish I was or looked any different to how I do. I embrace it and the more I do so the more energy I save and the more full of vitality I look, and the more time I have to spend on doing things that enrich my life and take the focus off all the things I previously dwelled on too much.

3) Life sometimes works in paradoxical weird ways and it is sometimes hard to see or feel a situation for what it is. Sometimes things we think make us happy can sometimes be the things that make us sad/frustrated/obsessed with and the things we think are a bit difficult, straining, not fun can sometimes be the things that actually make us feel full up and happy inside. Taking quiet reflective time to really listen very carefully to how we feel about a situation, rather than how we think we see a situation can give you massive clues as to who or what to steer clear of. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out but by listening to these subtle sounds can clear the mind and heart so life can be joyful again!

Happiness takes work on yourself, some hard decisions, patience and persistance but is worth it.


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