How can I help?

11 Dec 2017

Today's poem was inspired by a very genuine friend who was proud of how she gave love letters to homeless people. She assured me that these were received well, and that she never gave them money.

I realised, to my shame, that I was horrified by this. She sincerely believed she was doing them good because nobody told them how beautiful they were and how loved.

However, I also realise that I have turned away from friend and neighbour when it was in my power to make a relevant difference.

Instead, I have shared empty words.

So I wrote this poem to myself, and for whomsoever it resonates with.

True to life, when my turn came to need help, many friends said, "If I can help in any way... just let me know." When the right type of help was blisteringly obvious. Appropriate help did not come.

Christmas is not a happy season for all, but it is a grand opportunity to make a significant difference to someone's life.

Thus here is the poem.

"How can I help?" I helpfully said!

They gasped, "I am thirsty."

So I gave them some bread.


Then I saw a friend stranded - they had a flat tyre.

So I stopped and I hugged them,

And shared a word to inspire!


What of the homeless man exposed to the rain?

Well, I gave him my own ticket

For a cheap flight to Spain!


And when it was my turn...


I said, "Send reinforcements; we're going to die."

You heard, "Lend me fourpence; we're going to fly."

So you said you'd no change, and instead gave a grin,

Not knowing that I was about to give in.


Helping a friend doesn't take the science of a rocket

If your neighbour's in need, put your hand in your pocket.


It doesn't cost much to show that you care;

You may well be the answer

To someone's last prayer.


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