How do you keep going?

15 Dec 2018

It has been a long time since I blogged here; I have had two bereavements this year; an elderly aunt in February and my alcoholic sister in March. It's been a tough year.

In my last blog "What helps you?" (17th October 2017) I invited you to choose one resource that has helped you during tough times.

Lots of you provided some great suggestions – thank-you!

But, dear Moodscopers, I feel I owe you an apology – at least to those of you for whom the thought of picking up a book, accessing a web-site, doing anything feels impossible. Had I read my own blog this year, I think I would have dismissed it out of hand as an offering from someone who simply doesn't understand.

This year has been so challenging for me. Reading a self-help book or navigating a self-help web-site has just not been possible for me. Keeping on top of the normal daily chores along with the nightmare of winding up two estates and dealing with the fall-out of Nicky's (my sister) death has been a huge challenge; normal life was put on hold for several months.

So, lovely Moodscopers, today I invite you to share your one tip that keeps you going when life seems impossible. It could be a saying, a "must-do", anything small that helps you in your darkest times. How long a list can we produce?

Mine has been: "All things pass, and this too will pass".


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