How not to write a New Year’s blog.

31 Dec 2009

I have never written a New Year blog post.

These blogs are usually full of stories that are meant to inspire, or discuss resolutions for the New Year, or talk about plans and dreams for the future, or challenges from the past year are considered to see how they can be coped with. There is talk about lessons learnt and how there is so much promise in the new year.

I don’t think I could write a blog like that this year or any year for that matter.

So why is a blog about the New Year so important? Is it possible to write one not mentioning resolutions, or plans, or hopes or dreams or mentioning the past year?

As many know, I had a dramatic start to the year so if I write about that it seems I am repeating myself and maybe a bit too much navel gazing. However, because my New Year was so challenging it will affect how I feel about New Year’s Eve and the new year in general.

We are not the only culture that celebrates a New Year. It is a celebration held around the world and in ancient to modern times.

Why are we so fixated with the New Year, we have a new moon every month but there is not a big fuss made of it.

 I am out of ideas; I am keen to know what you want in a New Year blog and/or do you have any expectations of the new year or is it just another day?


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