Humans are Emotional First and Rational Second.

25 Feb 2016

As you know I often just sit and let my feelings fall onto paper as a poem. Needless to say it's emotion that drives it. I often write poems to show people, especially with mental health challenges that they are not alone – as we so often feel SO alone.

I am touched by emotion,

In sight and in sound.

I get touched by emotion,

It is all around.

The young child smiling,

As their parent arrives.

The tail of the dog wagging,

With the car in the drive.

The teenagers nervous,

As they go to hold hands.

The insecure adult,

As they hug as they stand.

This world is so material,

We kinda lose touch.

Of what is within us,

We're so in a rush.

Life goes too fast,

As we grow up and die.

How often do we sit,

And let out a sigh?

IQ teaches us,

There's a right and a wrong.

Yet we go on seeking,

Some words in a song.

The only 'rights',

Are deep in our heart.

But we often put the,

Horse 'fore the cart.

Our children grow up,

With the same fears as us.

Who am I really,

And so life is thus.

We take the outside journey,

Into that material world.

And measure ourselves,

With hearts unfurled.

How do we start,

To go deep inside?

And find some compassion,

Not that external pride?

I sit here alone,

And now say to you,

Be careful my friend,

To your heart be true.

What emotion does this poem make you feel and why?


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