I am Worthy. A guide to self-worth.

5 Jul 2014

The two words 'I am' form an extremely powerful statement, for whatever words you use after them create a powerful affirmation. Being aware of the words you use, either in thought or the spoken word is very important and is something that needs your attention on a daily basis. Energy follows thought, so mastering your thoughts has a major impact on your outer world experiences.

A great way to turn things around for yourself is first and foremost in promoting your own self-worth. Do you let yourself believe that another person 'makes you feel' a certain way? Nobody has such power to 'make us feel'. We hold our own power within ourselves and now is the time to take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions.

To begin, we need to focus on filling up our own cup of Love. Imagine you have a small cup in your heart centre. Do you remember the song Magic Penny? It clearly states that Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more. But what if your cup is empty? What if you have over exerted yourself and shown love to others but not saved any for yourself? It is NOT selfish to think of yourself first. It is self-worth and self- Love.

So begin by doing something on a daily basis for YOU. Have a rest, read a book, take a bath, with NO guilt attached. Begin to fill up your own cup with love and the more you do this, the more you will notice how strong you feel. You then have resources to care for others and in return you get the love sent back to you, but only if you don't let your own cup run dry! Maintain the flowing of this love in your heart by giving and receiving unconditionally and notice how much stronger you begin to feel. Small steps, day by day.


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