EQ before IQ Except After Death.

23 Feb 2014

"A wise man does not use knowledge (IQ) to select his direction, but will on occasions use it to guide him on that path."

Do you remember learning the rule 'I before E except after C'?

My play on that and resulting life rule is - EQ (heart) before IQ (head) except after death - i.e. E before I except after D.

Since it was created in 1902 the IQ test has dominated our lives, jobs and careers.

All of us will have been indoctrinated into this lifestyle, with at least 11 (up to 18) years of Newtonian cognitive 'schooling'.

It is no surprise then, that many of us who are not cognitively gifted (an ability to memorise facts and solve puzzles) often feel left out, if not left behind in society.

In Scotland here, I believe that over half 14 years olds will have been told they are failures by the very system which is meant to educate them. That system actually 'schools' (not educates) us and in many cases, reduces self esteem and self respect.

Correspondingly, Scotland has the highest knife crime, highest prison population per capita and highest teenage pregnancy levels in Europe - correlation?

So while each of us travels our own 'Road Less Travelled' - unfortunately for most, it is actually a 'Road Most Travelled' and socialises us into a lifestyle taking us down a very unfortunate path, mostly measured by our 'usefulness' to work and not society.

The clever person (IQ) will easily fit into this world often of ego and selfish greed, as they succeed in the key measurement of governments - IQ.

The wise person however, will find their own path. It is a path that also enhances the life of those around them. A path that enables them to believe in themselves and thus be strong enough inside, to be of service to others in a way that 'others' require - wise and not clever.

So, as we see from the starting quote, a wise person walks a different line and on occasions rightly uses IQ to assist that journey.

Life is predominately an internal journey with an external outcome.

One which serves and supports others, emanating from an ability to be compassionate; to see life from another perspective; to treat others as they want to be treated and not to hang onto what feels safe and 'right' for you.

So as I've said before 'compass before clock', heart before head, morals before money.

Which do you choose to move towards today? To change the world (even if it is your own household) you first have to change yourself.

Give yourself a score out of 10 for changing yourself today - with 10 being high and share this with your closest friend who can help and support you on your way.


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