I keep dodging the bullets

19 Jan 2021

I love watching action movies a lot. When bullets are fired and the actors just find a way to dodge them. Well, sometimes they get hit!

When I first figured out my mood problems was after my marriage had ended. I discovered that over the years I had been allowing certain negative thoughts to fill my head. Thoughts of fear, anger, sending out bad thoughts of bad things happening to me and others. I kept building up castles of negativity in my head. 

I had few good thoughts. The thing is I just allowed the negative thoughts have  free access to me.

Now, I know how to deal with them. When I feel thoughts coming up and quickly identify them as negative, I physically dodge them... I shake my head and frown at it like it's a person and say "No, that's wrong", or I just move aside as if making passage for someone coming towards me. Another thing I do is to physically act like I am dodging a bullet like in the movies or blocking a move from an opponent in martial arts training.

Physically this helps me because I immediately put the thoughts behind me and move on. 

Trust me this wasn't easy and still is not. I still have my days when I have to deal with a tsunami of negative thoughts.

Hope this is helpful.



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