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14 Jul 2019

The many ways that could be understood was written deliberately. For example, I DO like culture! However, the main idea I wanted to share today was the 'like' culture of Social media – 'I like it' culture – and why clicking on 'like' is good for us!

LinkedIn is relatively new to multiple response options to a post. You can 'like' the post, or you can click on 'celebrate' or 'love' or 'insightful' or 'curious'. What I 'like' about these is that they are all positive.

OK down to earth with a bump. Frankly, I don't know how some of my friends on this site keep going. You may or may not put on a brave face, but behind the scenes you may be dealing with pain on a daily basis, or what seems to be an endless stream of setbacks, or a family that doesn't understand or support you. It's all too easy for the reserves of resilience to become depleted, even exhausted. Where can we get a top up from?

How did that last paragraph leave you feeling? It was honest. It was true. But it wasn't 'energising'. I agreed with the content, but I didn't really 'like' talking about it. When we are knocked back by life, we want to escape and get a bit of relief. Well, help is near.

YouTube has two response options, 'like' or 'dislike'. These are with the simple icons: thumbs-up or thumbs-down. This immediately gives people permission to show their displeasure - and they do. Oh, and then there's Tripadvisor – a gateway to grief for those who want to have a moan. Again, the moans may be genuine – even helpful – but they don't give energy or leave us feeling uplifted.

I'm going to suggest we have a LinkedIn-style day today with only five positive options:

I like it!

Let's celebrate this success!

I love it!

Wow, that's insightful!

Hmmm, I'm curious, tell me more...

The household here has had the Summer cold that's been going around, and then, in addition, I'm dealing with toothache. It can be tough to find anything to be cheerful about, but just putting on my 'I like' spectacles yields an instant uplift. The things are tiny but they still work. For example, the bathroom here faces the sunrise, and the tiles are a sunshine yellow. If the morning is bright, the showering experience is a combination of light-show and showers! It is uplifting, warming, and invigorating.

Next, there's the soap. I'm a fan of artisan soaps – and whether the bar is from bees or from goats, there are treasures to enjoy every morning.

Finally, my towels. I've got a couple of cheap towels from ASDA. Years old but they must have bought a magic batch. These continue to feel fresh and absorbent and almost 'welcoming' when you are embraced by them after the shower.

This isn't Social Media, it's the other real world, but if I could click on 'like' I would. I like everyone of those aspects of the bathroom experience, and just thinking about what I like makes me feel better.

What do you 'like' today?


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